Web Design That Converts

Stop paying for web design that provides information. Build an asset that generates ROI.

Web Design That Works For You

It’s not always enough to have a website that looks great — you need to stand out among the crowd with a website that is designed to generate results. Search Lab works with you to create more than just a website, we want to help you create an asset. After all, if it’s not bringing in a return, what’s the point?

These days it seems like there’s no shortage of website designer platforms, page builders, or someone building out designs for dirt cheap. Here’s the thing: nice looking website design is only one facet of the process.

Let’s focus on building a project that not only looks nice but persuades users to get in touch with you, too.

Our Website Design Focus

Drive Results

Your website should be used to properly navigate a visitor to an end result. Let’s create a website design that delivers a desired result all while providing a great experience for your visitors.

Web Design Built With Purpose

Without purpose, there’s no reason for being. Whether you need to increase sales or generate leads, let’s create a website design that focuses on fulfilling the needs of your business.

Your Brand Image

We’re all about personality, but sometimes looks do matter. Let’s carefully craft a website design that properly conveys your brand’s image, connecting your company to the customers you want.

Targeted Local Website Design

Local web design is ideal for businesses who want to attract customers to a specific location. Our Local Web Design projects focus on proper on-page SEO and relevence, ensuring you’re reaching the customers you want.

Whether you’ve got a brick & mortar storefront or provide a service to your local area, we want to help you create the platform that brings in a constant stream of new customers and sells them on your services before they even get in touch with you.

  • Optimized for local searches & SEO.
  • Crafted to target customers in a local area.
  • Position your business as an authority in the local area.
  • Use your website as a lead generation platform.

Web Design That Conveys Value

Nice designs and cool features are fun, but they’re just a starting point. The bottom line here is your website needs to be carefully structured and crafted to convey your brand’s value, sell visitors on your service, and serve an overall digital marketing purpose.

Our web design & web development projects focus on switching things up from the average passive, informational site, to a persuasive selling machine.

  • Guide visitors through the buying stages.
  • Navigate specific customers to the services that matter to them.
  • Position your company as an expert in the industry.
  • Sell customers on the value of your company.

Website Updates & Support

It’s not always the best practice to set it and forget it; website content creation is important for increasing search relevance and monthly visitors. Monthly updates can be crucial in your site’s performance, and you’ve got other important things to handle. Search Lab has you covered with our monthly plans that ensure your website is fully-optimized and performing at 100%.

  • ‘Round-the-clock error monitoring
  • Scheduled content creation & posts
  • On-page copy that is written to engage users
  • Web page & content updates
  • Monthly back-end updates
  • Security Updates & Monitoring

Web Design That Matters

It’s easy for a lot of website designers to get hung up on the wrong things. Sure, clean and appealing websites are great, but it’s only a piece of a larger puzzle. Websites should be built to do one thing: deliver a result. Whether you’re looking for more customer engagement, more sales, or want to provide more valuable information, our web design focuses on your needs.

Created To Convert

Search Lab crafts websites that are built to convert visitors into actual customers, rather than passersby who just want to browse.

Optimized For SEO

Each web design project Search Lab works on is optimized for SEO, ensure your project shows up in the major search engines results pages (SERPs).

Built To Last

Forget having to refresh your design every year. Search Lab builds websites with a strong foundation that are built to last at least another decade.

What Others Are Saying

“The number of customers my website generates paid for itself several times over already. Search Lab really backs up what they claim, which is rare in their industry.” 
— C. Martinez. CEO of DreamShine Auto Spa

“If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable SEO expert, Mike [of Search Lab] is the guy to call. I had the privilege of collaborating with Mike on a project and his systems and work ethic are superior to many I’ve seen.” 
— Sinoun C. CEO of  ShiftWeb Solutions

“…Search Lab continues to deliver leads. They completely changed my online marketing game, and brought in more business than some of the ‘big guys'” 
— Rick V. Owner of Tri-City Eco Tree Services

Does Your Web Design Get You Results? Let’s Find Out.

Let’s ditch the informational brochure and get you started with a digital asset that increases results time after time, like clockwork.